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48HourPrint.com is a trustworthy leader in on-line business-to-business printing. We have received 13 International Printing and Graphic Design Awards for the excellent and top quality products and services. Just visit to site http://www.48hourprint.com to get the info of various top quality products.


The printing you need Fast and Guaranteed!We realize how important it is for you to receive your printing services and materials on-time. We're the only printing company that provides guaranteed turnaround on all of our standard products Besides our 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee on our standard products we also give you a 24 Hour Turnaround Guarantee on a number of these standard products. Additionally offer a 5-Day Turnaround Guarantee on large quantities and jobs that require time intensive finishing operations.


These guaranteed FAST turnaround times are part of our standard pricing - WITH NO HIDDEN UP CHARGES!



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Printing Affiliate Program

Make good amount of money after joining our Printing Affiliate Program and also encourage other clients having printing products needs to order our products from 48HourPrint.com. Our company offers the 15% commission on all completed sales to our affiliates.


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Making a DVD Cover 


We offer conversion of tapes to CDs and DVDs but we use http://www.48hourprint.com to print our cases and covers. Many years ago people use these square rectangular things to watch movies and save videos.  These rectangular things are called video tapes.  They are used to save captured moments in time to view later.  These video tapes are the ancestors and forefathers of compact discs, even though there were probably compact discs available even back then.  But as time passes and technology always evolving, the video tape has been long gone replaced with digital and video compact discs.  That is why there are lots of video transfer services available everywhere.  This is because in order to preserve the moments captured in video tapes they should be transferred to more advanced and reliable mediums like DVDs and VCDs.  When we convert tapes to compact discs it is important that we put labels on them so that they will not be confused with other compact discs. Good thing that http://www.48hourprint.com  can do printing in 48 hours, because this is a time bound project. Video tapes basically work by storing the information magnetically, and because it is stored magnetically the information in tapes will eventually have reduced quality. 


This can happen even if the tapes are stored in ideal conditions.  So if you do not want your memories turning to waste as it ages, I suggest availing yourself of video transfer services.  Have those videos transferred to better conditions, and you can preserve those memories for the days to come.  DVD transfer service is also available from us.  This means that your home videos will be transferred to a DVD hence the description DVD transfer service. 


When your videos are in a DVD it makes it easier to access them because most computers nowadays have DVD ROMs and you can make a lot of copies so you can hide some for safekeeping.  And because the videos are in digital format you can easily upload them on your social networks and share to the world your memories.  What is good about compact discs is that they have longer shelf lives than video tapes.  But compact discs are easily damaged so if you want to preserve them then make sure you take care of them.  This will make sure that you can still show these videos to your children, your children’s children and so on and so forth. 


Using the print shop for our labels can sometimes be expensive because we do not get that much conversions but we are still using them because of the quality of their work. That is very important when considering a print shop and they have really top quality products made.